Thursday, May 14, 2015

Earn Money Only by Clicking with Neobux

Many of us who uses internet knows that we can earn a huge amount of money by working online.There are various kinds of work by which we can earn such as web design, web developing, SEO,SEM,SMM,Affiliate marketing,software developing,Data entry etc.But it is a matter of sorrow that many people don't know this work.But still they can earn a good amount of money only by clicking advertisements spending 10 to 15 minutes a day.Yes it is true.Now i am going to briefly describe how.

PTC(Paid To Click)

People who don't know about the work listing above can earn by working on PTC sites.The work in these sites are very simple.Only watching advertisements by clicking on them.If you want to earn from these websites at first you have to be patience otherwise you won't be can earn about $100 to $120 by only viewing advertisement.If you agree to be patient then this post will be helpful for you.At first click on this link and sign up given below but before sign up open a payza/paypal/neteller account by registering your email id on their website, then with this same email id sign up to the website which link is given below 

or click on the banner below

after clicking on this link you will see a website like this
Then click on register button and you will see this interface
Complete those fields by giving required information and verify the account by verifying email.
Now the question is how can i earn money by this site.Well in this case you have to follow some strategy which i had followed.

After completeing the sign up process login to your account and you have to click all the advertisements available on this website pink,yellow,orange and other.For every validate click you will get $0.001 that means if you click 40 advertisement a day you will get 40*0.001=$0.04.
Now you are thinking that this is a very small amount of money not worth $1.Yes i agree but what i had said before that you have to be patience if you want to earn a good amount from this site only by clicking.

At first your mission is to earn $1 or $2 in one and a half month.If you had earn this in given time then the real game begins.With this earning you will rent 3 or 5 referral. Now Your question will be what is referral?.Well the simple answer is referral's are also user of neobux who also earns money by clicking advertisements.

Why you rent referral?.
Because if a referral clicks on his/her fixed orange advertisement you will get $0.005 on each click.That means if a referral clicks on 4 advertisement you will get 4*0.005=$0.02 and if the number of referral who clicks their advertisement everyday is 5 then the amount will be 5*0.02=$0.1.As a standard member you can rent 300 referral.And if all these rented referral clicks their advertisements everyday you will get 300*0.02=$6 everyday and 30*6=$180 in month.The rental costs for per referral is $.2 if>250 referral othrwise $0.19 if<250 the rental cost for 300 referral is 300*0.2=$60 and your earn will be $(180-60)=$120 that's not a bad amount.But if you upgrade your membership then you can rent more referral and earn more.

This was the process for earning only by clicking.This site is legit and trusted and online since 2008.If you have any question regarding this post you can comment.
Thank's for reading.


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